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Up To 6.75%* Per Year for 5 Years

*Target Yield

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Target Yield

Choice of either a 3.32% per annum or 6.75% per annum portfolio.

Interest Payments

Interest will be paid bi-annually.

Maturity Term

5 year investment horizon, these are products which you should take a long-term view and hold to maturity.


1% Initial Management Charge, 1% Annual Management Charge and 0.75% on Purchases and Sales.

Portfolio Performance

Quarterly Statement & Performance summary.

Financial Security

SVS maintains the highest standards of Customer Service, protection of Financial information and Security of Funds.

The process

Step 1

Complete the form on this website to start your appilcation.

Step 2

We will call you to go through a suitability questionnaire to assess your suitability for either portfolio.

Step 3

If we believe you are suitable for the product based on the answers you provide, we will set up your account.

Step 4

Subscribe to your ISA via Debit Card, Bank transfer or by Transferring an existing ISA to SVS.

The offering

SVS have designed two managed ISA portfolios using our market knowledge and investment expertise, to provide our clients with access to a range of yields depending on their individual circumstances;

Fixed Term ISA with a target yield of 6.75% Per Annum

The Fixed Term ISA has been created to suit investors that have a long-term outlook and are looking for a regular income. It is best suited to those that are unlikely to need access to capital over a 5-year period, during which time there will be opportunity to draw down the income.

The rationale is to invest in a selection of diverse corporate bonds. Our management team will target a yield of 6.75% per annum of the life of the investment, selecting investment grade corporate bonds with capital protecting characteristics and regular coupons. The Fixed Term ISA will have a fixed date for capital return, ensuring you know when to expect your funds back following maturity.

Mixed ISA with a target yield of 3.32% Per Annum

The objective of this portfolio is to provide a combination of income and capital growth, aimed at clients who wish to maximise long-term investment returns and can tolerate a level of risk associated with global equity markets. It will also appeal to those that are willing to accept a lower rate of income for the freedom to make withdrawals.

Income will be generated through exposure to fixed income while the capital growth will focus on global developed equity markets, with a tilt towards large and mid-capitalisation stocks. The investment team will utilise a combination of direct investments, ETFs and other collective investment schemes targeting an overall yield of 3.32%.

What could you potentially earn

View the charts to see what your potential earnings could be after 5 years based on your investment amount. This includes the deduction of the Initial Management Charge and the Annual Management Charge.

Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of your investments may go down as well as up and in a worst case scenario you could lose all of your money.

Fixed Term ISA

Mixed ISA

The forecasts above assume the following:
  • The value of the underlying investments remain static
  • Any interest is not re-invested
  • There are no further purchases/sales apart from the inital investment
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